What if there were a way that you knew exactly what your body was missing? There is. In fact, those key ingredients needed for optimal health are not as elusive as we all might think. We understand that every person is biologically different. Many people ask themselves, "Do I need this weight loss plan? Do I need that one? Do I need fish oil? Do I need Vitamin D? Do I need milk? Do I need to be gluten free?"  STOP GUESSING! We take the guessing out of your health. 

     We do this with a sophisticated piece of software that performs millions of mathematical algorithms to analyze your blood chemistry. Our doctors who are all trained in advanced nutrition use this software to determine what deficiencies plaguing your body.This software is based on over 30 years of clinical cases, and it is based on results. The reason we analyze your blood is because your blood reflects the current condition of virtually every aspect of your body. In addition, your blood chemistry reflects pending disease well in advance of any symptoms.

     The way that we are different than nearly every allophathic doctor or medical institution is that we do not prescribe drugs to change your body's chemistry. We know that there is a God-given ability within all of us to heal. Our bodies heal. When you get a cold, your body's immune system ramps up to fight off infection. When you fall and scratch your knee, your body scabs over and heals the scratch.

     It is this natural God-given healing potential that we piggy-back off to achieve astounding health changes in our patients. Our patients routinely get well after seeing 10 or even 20 doctors and not achieving results previously. Based on recent advances in nutrition and genetics, we have found that the body was designed to operate within very narrow parameters. When the body has these proper conditions, even the most sick and chronically diseased individuals have the potential to heal and live out their lives with full health.