How Does Super Genes Work?

We Take The Guess Work Out Of Your Health.

By analyzing a small sample of blood, we can spot deficiencies that may be affecting your health.  


How's This Different Than When I Get Tested By My Doctor?

We take the data generated by your blood sample and employ sophisticated software to analyze that data, allowing us to determine a general state of health.  Our doctors, trained in the most advanced Functional Medicine, will review results and discuss them with you. 

Most medical doctors look for disease and attempt to stop it once it has already begun. Our testing, on the other hand, goes much deeper, and our analysis software is designed to prevent future disease and maximize your current state of health. 


Okay, So What Do The Test Results Really Tell Me?

Some people are tired every day. Others may experience hair loss, while many have trouble losing weight. Our testing can pinpoint the root cause or causes of many conditions ranging from A to Z. Our analysis may uncover something as simple as a gluten intolerance or even point to why a person may be having fertility issues. Your very life blood carries the clues to these and many more conditions. Our testing represents the gold-standard for identifying, predicting and preventing chronic disease in the human body.


Why Is This Becoming So Popular?

We certainly aren't the only doctors doing this testing. However, many others are charging thousands of dollars for this analysis and to work with you to identify and resolve your health concerns. We believe that every person has the right to a professional blood chemistry analysis at a much more modest cost. 


How Much Does It Cost?

Our analysis is only $97. This gives you a full report along with an explanation from one of our doctors.  Lab testing fees, at your end, will vary depending on many factors such as your insurance coverage. Special pricing is available for people without insurance. Ask the doctor for details.


What Is My Next Step?

Let's schedule a free consultation by clicking the SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT link at the top of the page.

Below, are the 3 easy steps to getting you on your way to better health.


(1) Schedule Your Initial Consult

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Pick a time to talk to one of our doctors. 


(2) Our doctor recommends your specific test and contacts your lab on your behalf.

Test orders vary from person to person based on your particular history and symptoms.

(3) You visit your nearest lab to get a quick test performed.

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Then notify us once your test is complete: 888-317-8737

.Once your test is complete, together, we will review your results. Test results will take 2-3 business days.