Find Your Way to Lose Weight

Weight loss has become a dream for many who have tried every solution ranging from diet control to work out and even medication. The body consistently puts on some more fats despite your tiresome efforts to shed some pounds. You might have heard or read people suggesting natural remedies for effective results in weight loss. It is true that natural remedies can help you achieve your health related goals. It is also true that many of you have burned fats and overcome your body’s unreasonable gain in weight only by working out at gym. But, You are reading this article which means you are still facing this persistent problem and you are looking for an effective solution. SuperGenes will help you not only to lose weight but also to maintain your weight at a desirable level.

SuperGenes follows the principles of functional medicine which believes that any disturbance in your body is related to many underlying processes. Your body’s weight loss resistance shows that there is something going on in your body, something that is not right or something that is out of its normal and natural course. If it was not because of these physiological changes, you would have already lost weight after balancing your diet. Don’t worry, it does not mean that you have horrible disease or sickness which prevent your body to lose weight. But it definitely means that you seriously need to look into your body’s functionalities. The best way, to understand what is wrong with your body, is to get your blood work done. Your blood work tells exactly what are the underlying roots of your apparent health issues. If you are a busy fellow or just want to avoid to visit a doctor’s office, SuperGenes can help you. Fix your online appointment with SuperGenes for a consultancy today and SuperGenes will recommend you the desired blood tests. Based on your blood test results, SuperGenes will work with you to root out your health problem and eventually help you live a happy life.

Some of the possible causes of your inability to lose weight include:

1. Imbalance in Hormones

Hormone is the secretion produced by the glands in your body. These hormones are very important for proper functioning of your body parts. Sometimes, due to many factors like unhealthy lifestyle, the balance of these hormones disturbs and they affect all the related organs. One of the many reasons of not losing weight is also caused by such imbalance in hormones. Hormones like estrogen progesterone, testosterone and insulin, if disturbed, can give birth to many health related issues including weight loss resistance. 

2. Stress

Stress is a very common cause of weight gain. When you are stressed, cortisol is produced by your body which causes gain in weight. Cortisol is also a main culprit behind inability to lose weight. Cortisol level in your blood remains high when you are consistently under stress. 

Nobody understands you better than yourself. Have an honest recast at your routine work and try to get rid of your stress. Sometimes you need counseling for stress management. If you want to know if cortisol is responsible for your weight gain, get your blood tested today. It will help you understand your problem and achieve your goal. 

3. Undesirable Toxins

Toxins enters your body’ system through food, drinks, medications and different products around you. The presence of toxins in your body interfere with natural course of your body’s functions. This interference can lead into many hormonal issues including weight loss resistance. You need to detoxify your body in order tobe able to loose weight. 

SuperGenes has repertoire of ways your body can be detoxified to help you live an active life.

4. Thyroid Problems

Thyroid is a large ductless gland in your neck that secretes a hormone which plays a vital role in growth and development of the body. Approximately, 25 millions Americans have thyroid problem and almost half of them do not know that they have thyroid problem. Thyroid problems, especially hypothyroidism, results into weight loss resistance and therefore, patients continue to gain weight. 

Blood test can help you understand what actually causes your apparent health issue. Your blood test can help you and your doctor realize that your inability to lose weight is not a problem but the result of an underlying problem which needs to be addressed and taken care of for you happy and healthy life. 

At SuperGenes you can have an online appointment with a doctor who can recommend you a blood test to determine what is wrong and how can it be fixed.